H-D® Gifts for the Bike

Gifts for the Bike

Go on doesn't your steed deserve a special gift too?

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  • $ 7.87
    $ 7.87

    Harley-Davidson® Long Bar & Shield® Chrome Decal is finished in chrome, dates back a century, a variation of the first Bar & Shield® logo. It measures 7-inches in width and 4-inches in height. It is easily affixed to any relatively flat, smooth, clean surface, like a window, mirror, or on the game room refrigerator.

    Officially Licensed Harley-Davidson® Product by Global Products, Inc.

  • $ 195.60
    $ 195.60

    Want the best in hands-free tech for your bike? The Boom! Audio Expand Half-Helmet Headset, coupled the Boom! Box GTS Radio or with the Harley-Davidson Wireless Interface Module (WHIM) (both sold separately) provides the best hands-free experience. When coupled with the WHIM, it replaces the wired headset connection to the bike. The Boom! Audio Expand Half-Helmet Headset features a long-range Bluetooth 3.0 Intercom designed specifically for riding and other outdoor sports activities. Expand Bluetooth 3.0 stereo headset brings your favorite tunes, GPS navigation, four-way intercom conversations, and hands-free calling to any type of motorcycle.

    • Call hands-free on your Bluetooth mobile phone, listen to stereo music or GPS navigation instructions, and have intercom conversations in full duplex with your passenger and/or fellow riders
    • Bluetooth 3.0 and advanced digital processing technology permits connectivity with other devices up to 900 meters (980 yards) away, while delivering best-in-class incoming and outgoing sound quality
    • Easily pairs with up to two phones, and because the Expand operates on the Universal Intercom protocol, the headset can be connected with your fellow rider’s gear – regardless of the manufacturer
    • Simple to operate glove friendly jog dial and large buttons on the headset control the major functions
    • Comfortable ear hooks and behind the-neck strap keep the headset firmly in place while riding
    • Automatic volume boost and Advanced Noise Control technology produces crystal clear audio in noisy environments
    • Water resistant and the long-life battery permits up to 10 hours of talk time and seven days of standby on a single charge
    • Manuals and Software Updates
  • $ 73.31
    $ 73.31

    Functional and stylish, this polished cap features a convenient self-locking mechanism that automatically engages when the cap is twisted into position.

    • Gloss black finish
    • Key slot is hidden from view and protected from the elements by a swing-away cover that features Bar & Shield logo
    • Built-in ratcheting feature ensures you do not overtighten cap and keeps the Bar & Shield logo centered
    • Kit includes two matching keys
  • $ 207.81
    $ 207.81

    Penned at the hand of Willie G®, the famous Skull Collection makes a shift to the dark side. Completely drenched in black, the raised skull and surrounding Harley-Davidson® Motorcycle script adds a subtle ominous touch to your ride.

    • Black Finish
    • Matte finish easily coexists alongside gloss black or wrinkle black surfaces
    • Low-profile fuel gauge replaces the analog readout with bright LED lamps
    • Six edge-mounted LED lamps glow blue when the tank is full and extinguish one by one as fuel is consumed
    • Photocell automatically adjusts LED brightness for improved visibility in direct sunlight and dims at night to avoid distraction
    • Plug-in installation without splicing
  • $ 97.77
    $ 97.77

    Simplify checking the air pressure level and filling the tires on your motorcycle. This Tire Pressure Gauge features a an 18" flexible hose and 2-way air chuck with both a 45° fill port and a unique side fill port that provides easy straight-in access to hard-to-reach motorcycle valve stems.

    • Allows you to check the pressure and fill the tire without removing the chuck from the tire
    • Apply the chuck to the valve stem, read the pressure, and add air by depressing the comfortable trigger leaver
    • For checking tire pressure on the road, use this tool like any standard tire gauge
    • Designed to fit an air compressor with a standard 1/4" quick-disconnect coupler
    • Dual-range instant-read gauge measures pressures from 0-60 psi and 0-400 kPa
    • Protected from impact and abrasion by a thick rubber collar
  • $ 85.54
    $ 85.54

    Styled to complement the components of the Willie G. Skull Collection, this round chrome finished horn cover features a cast 3-dimensional medallion with black-filled detailing.

    • Chrome finish
    • Deep drawn steel chamber to maintain horn tone and volume
    • Re-uses Original Equipment horn and mounting hardware
    • Easy to install
  • $ 183.36
    $ 183.36

    Spectra Glo™ Light Pods allow you to install general lighting almost anywhere on the bike. Ground-facing pod placement provides a neon-like pool of light on the pavement, and pods hidden below the tank or behind covers reflects into chrome surfaces to double the splash of color.

    • Compact flexible pods
    • Features connectors that allow the lights to be chained together in longer strips or placed individually and connected by jumper wires
    • Each pod features 3 individual RGB LEDs
    • Includes a tough adhesive backing for easy placement
    • Begin the installation with the 6-Lamp Starter Kit and add on with one or more 4-Lamp Expansion Kits
    • Starter Kit includes 6 light pods, 4-3" jumpers, 1-8" jumper, and 1-24" jumper
    • Requires separate purchase of Spectra Glo™ LED LIghting Controller Kit P/N 68000218
  • $ 122.22
    $ 122.22

    The Harley-Davidson® Spectra Glo™ Lighting System brings ultra-bright LED lighting to your ride, utilizing RGB LED technology to produce over 500 shades of brilliant color. Controllable with a waterproof handheld wireless fob, simply use one button to select one of the 7 base colors, and then dial in the shade you desire. Choose to match the color of your bike, or add a contrasting tone from the wide spectrum of colors. Once you select a color, choose between solid, flash or fade modes with a tap of the remote control. At the core of the Spectra Glo™ system is the Lighting Controller.

    • Hub for all the added Spectra Glo™ light options and syncs the color and mode selection between all the LEDs
    • Compact waterproof controller box is hidden beneath the seat
    • Activated with the included wireless remote fob
    • Designed specifically for Harley-Davidson® motorcycles
    • Will not interfere with the bike's electronics
    • Low draw LED lamps have a one-hour auto shut-off feature to preserve battery
    • Includes Controller, Remote Control Fob with battery, and plug-in wiring harness
    • Required for use with Spectra Glo™ components
  • $ 35.41
    $ 35.41

    Add a little attitude to your ride. Styled to complement Harley-Davidson® Skull accessory items, the menacing raised skull with black-filled eyes leaps from a field of chrome.

    • Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles script is the perfect finishing touch
    • Includes chrome-plated stainless steel mounting hardware
  • $ 67.19
    $ 67.19

    This collection personifies Harley® style. It had better, because we put our name on it – The Harley-Davidson® Motor Co. Collection.

    • Chrome finish
    • Harley-Davidson® Motor Co. script
  • $ 48.86
    $ 48.86

    Put your smartphone within easy reach. This standard cradle places your phone or music device close to the hand controls of the motorcycle for easy access.

    • When combined with the control lever perch Phone Carrier Mount (sold separately), the swivel head allows the phone to be rotated into the ideal viewing position
    • Dual thumb screw clamps quickly adjust to grip the phone
    • Non-slip pads hold the device in place – in vertical or horizontal orientation
    • Device can be removed in seconds when you reach your destination
    • Holds devices measuring 1.75” to 3.5” wide
  • $ 140.57
    $ 140.57

    Keep your passenger’s essentials close at hand. Convenient storage system is form fitted to the rider backrest, and provides easy access to a variety of on-road necessities.

    • The two zippered pockets and mesh pouch offer plenty of room for a water bottle, cell phone, keys, registration papers, sunscreen and lip balm
    • One zippered pocket features a headphone port for easy connection to a personal music device
    • Organizer features side laces for secure installation
    • Smooth vinyl face with no raised seams for rider comfort
  • $ 36.63
    $ 36.63

    Designed to place a smartphone or music device close at hand.

    • Ball-tipped mount is secured to the left-side or right-side hand control perch for easy access
    • When combined with the Universal Phone Carrier P/N 76000549 or Water Resistant Carriers P/N 76000576, 76000605 or 76000670, the ball-shaped mount provides a wide range of adjustability for the ideal viewing angle
    • Phone Carrier sold separately
  • $ 30.51
    $ 30.51

    This carabineer-style universal helmet lock protects your helmet, jacket or bag from casual grab-and go theft.

    • Small enough to fit into your pocket, but big enough to fit around most any handlebar or engine guard (1.5"/38mm max)
    • No keys are required
    • Simply set your own 4-digit code, slip the carabineer through your helmet D-ring, and close the outward-opening lock
    • Aluminum and zinc alloy carabineer is covered with a tough rubber coating to protect the surrounding finishes
  • $ 30.51
    $ 30.51

    Proudly display your collection of helmets. Harley-Davidson® Helmet Hangers keep your expensive helmet safe and out of the way.

    • Designed to accommodate all types of helmets
    • Allows air to circulate inside to keep the liner fresh and dry
    • Rigid steel hook features a durable e-coated surface and soft rubber edges to protect the finish of the helmet
    • Wall-mount J-Hook design can be secured to a trailer wall, garage wall, or most any flat surface
  • $ 51.31
    $ 51.31

    This Horn Cover Kit is the perfect start in converting your powertrain to a striking blacked-out look.

    • Manufactured from Original Equipment components
    • Cover is painted alongside our other components to ensure a matching black finish
    • Includes gloss black mounting bracket and hardware
  • $ 54.96
    $ 54.96

    This portable music system pouch is designed for motorcycle use. Simply plug in your headphones or connect your in-dash Advanced Audio Radio with an auxiliary cable or Boom!™ Audio iPod® Interface and enjoy your music collection.

    • Clear play-through window permits touchscreen control
    • Anti-skid interior allows the pouch to accommodate players of various sizes
    • Double zipper allows for headphone and output cables to exit the pouch at any point
    • The neoprene jacket offers hard core protection for your portable music device
    • Built-in magnets hold the pouch securely to the fuel tank
    • Works well with many MP3 and personal music players
  • $ 21.95
    $ 21.95

    Shrink Sacks provide the ultimate in cargo convenience by collapsing bulky clothing down to a fraction of its original size.

    • Medium sized bags
    • Load the bag, seal it, roll it to evacuate the air and store your soft goods in a fraction of the space that used to fill your Tour-Pak®, Saddlebag or Premium Luggage bag
    • Designed to handle several weeks on the road
    • Includes 3 bags
  • $ 24.40
    $ 24.40

    Shrink Sacks provide the ultimate in cargo convenience by collapsing bulky clothing down to a fraction of its original size.

    • Large sized bags
    • Load the bag, seal it, roll it to evacuate the air and store your soft goods in a fraction of the space that used to fill your Tour-Pak®, Saddlebag or Premium Luggage bag
    • Designed to handle several weeks on the road
    • Includes 3 bags
  • $ 85.54
    $ 85.54

    Simplify packing and unpacking your motorcycle. These high-quality, water-resistant bags are designed to fit perfectly into Hard Saddlebags.

    • Designed specifically to fit Colour-Matched Hard Saddlebags and Rigid Saddleabgs P/N 91172-09
    • Water-resistant
    • Soft sides conform to the interior of the saddlebag to help use every available inch of space
    • Features heavy duty zippers and convenient carrying handles
    • Styled with a Bar & Shield logo
    • Measures 24" W x 11.5" T x 6.75" D
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