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2017 Street Glide Special

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  • $ 179.29
    $ 179.29

    Grab some black with these levers – a natural fit for black accessory handlebars or to further the blacked-out look of your motorcycle.

    • Black
    • Includes clutch anti-rattle clip and new pivot bushings
  • $ 371.47
    $ 371.47

    Create a sleek, slammed look on your custom bagger with the Chopped Engine Guard. This guard offers a slim, low-profile design that retains function while delivering a unique styling twist.

    • Gloss black
    • Upper mounts connect midway up the downtube, 11" inches lower than the stock guard
    • Minimalistic look reduces the visual mass of the bike, while the mounting point lowers the bike’s visual center of gravity
    • 1.25” Engine Guard features a slightly forward sweep that provides plenty of room around the brake and shift levers
    • Easy to install
  • $ 44.77
    $ 44.77

    Harness plugs into accessory connector to provide 12-volt power leads. Required to install Heated Grips, XM® Radio, Cruiser Amp & Speaker Systems, zumo GPS, Digital Oil Pressure Gauge, Garage Door Opener Kits, Heated Seats, decorative lighting or other electrical accessories.

    • Plugs into accessory connector
    • Ability to provide 12-volt power leads
  • $ 576.46
    $ 576.46

    When combined with the wiring harness and amplifier mount contained in the appropriate Stage II Speaker Installation Kit, this amplifier can power a single pair of Tour-Pak®, Saddlebag Lid, Fairing Lower or Trike Body Stage II Speakers.

    • Amplifier is required when adding a second, third or fourth set of Stage II Speakers to your Boom!™ Audio-equipped Touring bike
    • Dealer Digital Technician software update is required
    • Dealer installation is recommended
  • $ 153.68
    $ 153.68

    This engine cover is the perfect start in converting your powertrain to an elegant “tuxedo black” look.

    • Gloss black
    • Manufactured from Original Equipment components to ensure a perfect fit
    • Coated with temperature-resistant paint to ensure a long-lasting finish
    • Critical surfaces are masked to provide good gasket seal
    • Complete the look with a matching Primary Cover, Cam Cover, and Trasmission Side and Top Covers (sold seperately)
  • $ 512.40
    $ 512.40

    Designed in concert with the Milwaukee-Eight powertrain, the iconic Heavy Breather Air Cleaner features a forward facing oiled cotton filter element that flows large volumes of clean air into the engine.

    • Gloss black
    • Short, low-profile cast tube rams the charge directly into the throttle body with little turbulence for increased power and torque
    • Intake tube mounts to a custom back plate that features integral breathers and covers the throttle body and electronics for a finished look
    • Slanted compact filter adds an aggressive performance look
    • Shaped to allow installation on Touring bikes equipped with fairing lowers
    • Kit includes filter, intake tube, custom back plate, water-repellent rain sock and all mounting hardware
    • All models require ECM calibration with Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner for proper installation
    • ECE and 50-State U.S. EPA compliant
  • $ 102.43
    $ 102.43

    It’s the details that make the complete custom bike.

    • Gloss black
    • Dresses the end of the starter motor for a clean look.
  • $ 435.53
    $ 435.53

    From the custom metal Bar & Shield medallion to the sleek fast-back design, this seat is shaped to deliver the ergonomic position that a shorter rider needs.

    • Sculpted and molded to ease the reach to the ground
    • Places the rider 3/8" lower and 1-1/4" forward when compared to the stock FLHX seat
    • Narrow nose and low overall height provides the rider with added confidence and control while the bike is at a stop or during parking maneuvers
    • Seat is recommended for smaller framed riders between 5’-2” and 5’-8” tall
    • Seat width 15.0"
  • $ 204.92
    $ 204.92

    The Batwing Reach Handlebar is shaped to provide all-day riding comfort for smaller stature riders. The Reach handlebar was ergonomically designed to provide the ideal combination of shoulder position, elbow bend and wrist angle.

    • Gloss black
    • Extensively tested with panels of riders that stand 5’-1” to 5’-5” tall
    • Bar brings the grips closer to the rider, and features a narrower width, lower height and flatter hand position
    • Shape delivers a relaxed wrist angle for reduced arm fatigue
    • Narrow profile brings the hands in toward the center of the vehicle for easier maneuvering
    • Combining a Reach Seat with a Reach Handlebar provides a smaller stature rider with an optimized rider triangle and a complete fit solution
    • All models require separate purchase of additional components
  • $ 576.46
    $ 576.46

    Give your bike a big hug. This all-steel fender is shaped to show off the full profile of your 19” front wheel.

    • Primed and ready for your custom paint design
    • Apron-less fender wraps almost 180 degrees around the front tire for a clean, custom appearance
    • Low profile cutaway design exposes the wheel from hub to rim for maximum visual impact
    • Designed for mistake-proof installation
    • Pre-drilled to fit Original Equipment fender mounting bosses, and does not require additional fender spacers or install kits
  • $ 576.46
    $ 576.46

    Add a long, lean look to the profile of your Touring bike. These Stretched Side Covers are sculpted to smooth the visual transition from the side of the bike to the front of the saddlebag, and trade the traditional stepped look for a rearward flowing design.

    • Primed and ready for your custom paint design
    • Shaped to flare out and down the saddlebag face
    • Complements the body lines and eliminate the saddlebag guard clearance notch at the lower corner for a seamless flow
    • Unlike some aftermarket designs, these side covers fit without significantly compromising the available passenger foot space
    • One-piece covers are a snap-in replacement for the Original Equipment covers
    • Requires no bonding or modification for installation
  • $ 256.16
    $ 256.16

    This two-piece billet cover adds dimension to your Milwaukee-Eight Heavy Breather.

    • Gloss black finish
    • Manufactured from forged aluminum and precision machined to tightly wrap the element
    • Stylish cover exposes a majority of the filter to maximize airflow
    • Can be installed on Touring models equipped with fairing lowers, and can be used with the Original Equipment Heavy Breather Rain Sock
    • Features a deep machined Screamin’ Eagle logo
  • $ 192.11
    $ 192.11

    Shaped to provide a complete finishing touch to the rear of your bike.

    • Satin Black finish
    • These slash cut end caps feature a reverse cone rolled edge for a massive solid billet look
    • Reverse cone opening hugs the internal slotted flash suppressor-inspired barrel for a weapons-grade style
    • Sold in pairs
  • $ 320.23
    $ 320.23

    These formed steel exhaust shields feature a unique black coating that complements the finish of the Screamin’ Eagle black slip-on mufflers.

    • Rich black coating maintains its uniform black finish and has survived stringent Harley-Davidson® testing for durability and corrosion resistance
    • Manufactured to Original Equipment standards for exacting fit
    • Easy-to-install
    • Includes front and rear head pipe shields
  • $ 204.92
    $ 204.92

    Dress up the rear of your Street Glide® or Road Glide® model and add practical auxiliary lighting at the same time. Designed to replace the Original Equipment black license plate bracket, this curved license plate frame is shaped to hug the contours of the rear fender.

    • Gloss black
    • Designed to replace the Original Equipment black license plate bracket
    • Mount attaches to the underside of the rear turn signal bar
    • Smooth license plate frame with signature Harley-Davidson® script appears to float above the fender for a custom look
    • Two vertical LED halo lights glow while in the run mode and burn brightly when the brakes are applied
    • Includes all necessary harnesses and connectors to enable complete installation – no drilling or wire splicing is required
  • $ 384.29
    $ 384.29

    Kit includes the hardware and wiring harnesses required to install Stage II Saddlebag Speakers and a Boom!™ Amplifier.

    • Includes main wiring harness, quick-disconnect saddlebag wiring harnesses, mount and cover for saddlebag-mounted amplifier, and all required hardware
    • Amplifier, Boom!™ Stage II Speakers and Colour-Matched Speaker Lids are sold separately
  • $ 896.74
    $ 896.74

    Upgrade your black and chrome Milwaukee-Eight motor to the sinister look of gloss black. These richly finished engine covers start your bike on its journey to the dark side.

    • Manufactured from Original Equipment components
    • Critical gasket surfaces are masked to provide a good sealing surface with the engine
    • Six-piece kit includes the primary cover, cam cover, upper rocker box covers, transmission side cover and transmission top cover
    • Rocker box lower housings are available separately
  • $ 422.72
    $ 422.72

    Big and bold is the best way to describe the musical performance you will experience when listening to your favorite band through a Boom!™ Audio Stage II sound system. The weather-proof 3-way speakers feature high-excursion woofers for extended bass performance, and separate mid- and high-frequency drivers for rich vocals and startlingly real treble notes. Powered by a dedicated 300 watt amplifier, each pair of speakers is capable of producing “filling-rattling” volume.

    • Designed to work seamlessly with the factory-installed Boom!™ Audio infotainment head unit, the Boom!™ Stage II components are system-matched and feature custom-tuned static and dynamic equalization that dial in the ideal setup for your ride
    • 6.5” long-throw woofer for low frequencies, a bridge mounted mid frequency driver, and a separate tweeter for high frequencies
    • Like T audiophile components, each speaker is powered by two channels from our 300 watt amplifier - one channel powers the woofer, and another powers the mid/tweeter combo
    • When powered by separate dedicated bass and high-frequency amplifier channels, you are doubling the power to each speaker when compared to our Boom!™ Audio Stage I system
    • Thumping bass response, sizzling vocals and clean distortion free performance at all volume levels
    • Built with composite speaker frames, heavy-weight magnets and protective perforated metal grills, these weather and vibration resistant speakers are designed for life on the road
    • Complete kit includes 2 three-way speakers, electronic crossovers, grills and plug-in connections
    • Separate purchase of amplifiers and fitment-specific installation hardware is required
  • $ 70.40
    $ 70.40

    The gloss black Fuel Tank Console Door is the perfect match for the Gloss Black Console Kit.

    • Replaces the Original Equipment fuel door
    • Reuses Original Equipment mounting hardware
    • Easy to install
  • $ 57.58
    $ 57.58

    Available in a rich gloss black finish, this simple Derby Cover adds a finishing touch to your blacked-out engine.

    • Gloss black finish
    • Includes chrome-plated stainless steel mounting hardware
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