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2018 Low Rider

Featuring sadllebags, a detachable backrest and Reach® seat and handlebar.

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  • $ 981.14
    $ 981.14

    Sized for commute to work or a ride across the country, these modern bags are styled to complement the stripped down look of the Softail® cruiser models. These modern waterfall-style saddlebags are completely removable with the simple pull of the internal handle and a rearward slide, leaving your bike stripped down and unencumbered.

    • Nickel/Silver finish
    • When removed, the bag leaves behind simple, inconspicuous docking points
    • Features a flip back lid and a reinforced vinyl-wrapped body with perforated style panels
    • Finished with nickel snap-to-close hardware and a black chrome Harley-Davidson signature medallion
    • Complements stock and many accessory seats
    • Can be installed with HoldFast™ sissy bars and racks when equipped with model-specific docking hardware
    • Includes all required mounting hardware
    • Luggage capacity
  • $ 31.84
    $ 31.84

    Available in your choice of chrome or gloss black finishes, these simple smooth domed timer covers add a classic finishing touch to your Milwaukee-Eight® engine motorcycle.

    • Chrome
    • Manufactured from Original Equipment components to ensure a perfect fit
  • $ 196.18
    $ 196.18

    Dare to be bold. Dressed in luxurious chrome, this complete collection of engine covers raises the customization bar. Defined by sweeping curves and accented with deep longitudinal lines and a contemporary H-D logo, the Chrome Defiance Collection design imparts a feeling of forward motion to the bike’s profile.

    • Chrome Finish
    • Manufactured to Original Equipment specifications for exact fit and finish
    • Add the complete collection, or start with one component and build your custom ride
  • $ 171.64
    $ 171.64

    Continue the chrome theme with these Hand Control Levers. Cast from aluminum, these levers feature a custom finish designed to match the accessory chrome hand controls or complement Original Equipment-style black components.

    • Chrome Finish
    • Clutch anti-rattle clip and new pivot bushing included
  • $ 490.53
    $ 490.53

    Replace your stock painted aluminum controls with brilliant chrome, without compromising quality. When combined with Chrome Switch Housing Kit, Chrome Switch Caps and other Harley-Davidson® Genuine Motor Accessories, this front brake control kit provides a look that does more than stop your bike – it can stop traffic.

    • Chrome Finish
    • Manufactured from Original Equipment components
    • Includes a Chrome Master Cylinder Cover
  • $ 91.93
    $ 91.93

    Start a new tradition. Deep radial grooves and a contemporary H-D logo define the style Defiance Collection Front Axle Nut Covers. Available in your choice of chrome or black machine cut finish, these easy to install elements complement polished, chrome or blacked-out front end components

    • Chrome Finish
    • Easy to install
    • Sold in pairs
  • $ 24.47
    $ 24.47

    Required for installation of accessory Front Axle Covers on hollow-axle ’18-later Softail models.

    • For use on '18-later Softail models
    • Includes threaded axle spacer, left and right adapters and all hardware
  • $ 551.85
    $ 551.85

    Competitively-priced, these chrome-plated Lower Fork Sliders give your bike upfront style. To ensure proper fitment and function, these sliders are manufactured from Original Equipment components. Form follows function, with polished, chrome-plating and a stamped Harley-Davidson logo for product identification.

    • Chrome Finish
    • A perfect addition during the installation of Profile Low Front suspension components
    • Includes right and left sliders, bottom axle retainer, axle retainer bolts and oil seals
  • $ 220.70
    $ 220.70

    Smooth sweeping curves and the brilliant chrome or gloss black finish defines the look of this Sport Luggage Rack. Designed to complement both short and standard-height HoldFast Sissy Bar Uprights, this sleek rack adds a practical and stylish touch to the motorcycle.

    • Chrome Finish
    • Practical, stylish and convenient for packing
    • For use with short or standard-height HoldFast Sissy Bar Uprights
    • When bolted to the to the HoldFast Sissy Bar system makes for combined backrest and luggage rack
    • Can be installed or removed from the bike in seconds for a truly versatile touring or cruising machine
  • $ 245.22
    $ 245.22

    Add a touch of style by replacing the stock painted foot control brackets with brilliant chrome.

    • Chrome finish
    • Polished and plated for a custom look
    • Manufactured with Original Equipment components for proper fit
    • Includes left and right supports and chrome mounting hardware
  • $ 183.91
    $ 183.91

    Add footpeg to your solo seat-equipped '18-later Softail motorcycle.

    • Chrome Finish
    • Includes left and right footpeg supports and mounting hardware
    • Footpegs and footpeg hardware sold separately
  • $ 159.37
    $ 159.37

    Show your complete disregard for the rules. Defined by sweeping curves, this complete assortment of hand and foot controls feature a rich tuxedo black finish that is the perfect complement to your sinister ride. The design incorporates a field of textured black rubber surrounded with deep longitudinal lines, and is finished with a contemporary H-D logo.

    • Black Anodized Finish
    • Features deep grooves milled into the black anodized surface that exposes the shimmering aluminum below
    • Includes a stylized H-D logo for a modern sleek look
  • $ 159.37
    $ 159.37

    Dare to be bold. Dressed in luxurious chrome, this complete hand and foot control assortment raises the customization bar. Defined by sweeping curves and accented with deep longitudinal lines and a contemporary H-D logo, the Defiance Collection features rich textured black rubber traction surfaces set in a field of mirror chrome.

    • Chrome Finish
    • Features rich textured black rubber traction surfaces set in a field of mirror chrome
    • Includes a stylized H-D logo for a modern sleek look
  • $ 478.27
    $ 478.27

    Designed to position riders with a shorter inseam closer to the ground, Two-Up Reach® Seats are shaped to place the rider in a comfortable and confident relationship to the hand and foot controls. The wide seating surface provides loads of support and the narrow tapered nose brings the rider’s legs together for an easier reach to the ground at a stop. These Two-Up Reach Seats feature a stepped profile that keeps the rider from sliding rearward during acceleration, and a generous raised passenger position that cradles the tailbone for hours of riding comfort.

    • Black
    • Rich vinyl seating surface is accented with a classic Bar & Shield medallion
    • Designed to reflect the technical style of the Original Equipment Fat Bob seat
    • Features textured suede-like seating surfaces for grip, and raised center panels for a tough, tactical look
    • Seat width 12.0”; passenger pillion width 5.5”
  • $ 61.26
    $ 61.26

    The ideal choice for maximum versatility, this complete kit contains the docking hardware necessary to install all HoldFast™ detachable accessory options. Even if you only install a passenger backrest today, this kit allows you to add additional accessories as your touring demands change.

    • Chrome Finish
    • Allows addition of accessories as your touring demands change
    • Includes docking points to allow installation of H-D® Detachables™ Sissy Bar, Solo Luggage Rack, Two-Up Luggage Rack, Solo Tour-Pak® Rack or Two-Up Tour-Pak Rack
  • $ 245.22
    $ 245.22

    A sissy bar and passenger backrest pad is the starting point for building a complete touring machine. The backrest adds long-range comfort and support and provides a feeling of confidence and control for the passenger. HoldFast™ One-Piece Uprights feature an exclusive latch system that permits the backrest to be installed or removed in seconds to add versatility to your ride. The HoldFast sissy bar upright simply slips into position on the docking points, and the fingertip latches are clicked into position for a positive lock.

    • Chrome Finish
    • Available in short and standard height for optimized passenger back support
    • Backrest Pads are available to match your comfort or customizing requirements
    • Includes a matching 3-point backrest pad mount bracket
  • $ 104.20
    $ 104.20

    Sized to fit both Low and Standard-Height HoldFast Sissy Bar Uprights, these Mid-Sized Backrest Pads feature a gentle curved shape that cradles the spine and provides hours of passenger comfort.

    • Black
    • Pad height 7.0"; width 6.75".
  • $ 110.32
    $ 110.32

    Designed to provide the ideal balance of pull back and width, this handlebar allows your hands fall naturally in place.

    • Chrome Finish
    • Recommended for riders between 5'2" and 5'8" tall
    • Shaped to position the hand controls closer to the rider for optimized elbow and wrist position
    • Narrower width reduces your stretch while making low-speed turns and parking lot maneuvers
    • Overall effect is improved confidence and long-range comfort for short-armed riders
  • $ 453.74
    $ 453.74

    Shaped with just the right mix of width and height to reduce the pounding air pressure against your chest, the Wind Splitter Super Sport Windshield allows you ride comfortably while maintaining the wind-in-the-hair feeling. The windshield’s contoured design incorporates a flipped upper edge that manages airflow and turbulence across the top of the shield. The flip adds additional wind shear lift, and effectively provides the protection of a taller wind screen.

    • 19" Light Smoke Windshield with Polished Braces and Clamps
    • Sleek profile of the Super Sport Windshield hugs the front headlamp for a sporty look
    • Get quick on-and-off convenience and a clean, custom look
    • Effectively provides the protection of a taller wind screen
    • Ideal for a cool morning ride
    • Includes the hard-coated polycarbonate screen, brackets and quick-release docking clamps
  • $ 122.58
    $ 122.58

    Required for saddlebag installation on certain Softail models, these elegant sweeping mounts move the turn signals and the side-mount license plate rearward on the fender struts, maintaining the stock lines.

    • Chrome Finish
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