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2019 Road Glide Special

With a 21" front wheel, 117 cubic inches of Stage IV power and blacked-out trim, you'll be the best-looking blur anyone has only sort of seen.

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  • $ 173.31
    $ 173.31

    This engine cover is the perfect start in converting your powertrain to an elegant “tuxedo black” look.

    • Gloss black
    • Manufactured from Original Equipment components to ensure a perfect fit
    • Coated with temperature-resistant paint to ensure a long-lasting finish
    • Critical surfaces are masked to provide good gasket seal
    • Complete the look with a matching Primary Cover, Cam Cover, and Trasmission Side and Top Covers (sold seperately)
  • $ 622.76
    $ 622.76

    Directionally optimized to fill the rider cockpit with sound, these 5"x 7" Stage II Saddlebag Lid Speakers provide additional depth and dimension to your rolling concert hall.

    • Feature a long-throw woofer to handle the low frequencies
    • Separate bridge mounted mid and high frequency drivers to handle the vocals and the high notes
    • As a bi-amplified system, each speaker is powered by two channels from our 300 watt amplifier - one channel powers the woofer, and another powers the mid/tweeter combo
    • Driven by dedicated bass and high-frequency amplifier channels, you get thumping bass response, sizzling vocals and clean distortion free performance at all volume levels
    • To really pump up the bass, the closed saddlebags serve as a sealed enclosure
    • Built with composite speaker frames, Neodymium magnets and protective perforated metal grills, these weather and vibration resistant speakers are designed for life on the road
    • Kit includes two 3-way speakers, electronic crossovers, grills and plug-in connections. Separate purchase of amplifier and fitment-specific installation hardware is required
    • Stop by a participating dealer to interact with a unique audio display that lets you simulate how your bike will sound with Boom!™ Audio upgrades
  • $ 37.31
    $ 37.31

    Showcase your bike’s performance enhancements with the Screamin’ Eagle Timer Cover Base.

    • Start with this black Timer Cover and then select a Screamin’ Eagle Stage Upgrade Insert that matches your engine size and Stage upgrades
    • Inserts sold separately
  • $ 18.62
    $ 18.62

    Showcase your bike’s performance enhancements with the Screamin’ Eagle® Stage Insert.

    • 117 Stage IV
    • Made to complement the Screamin’ Eagle® Timer Cover Base (sold separately)
  • $ 49.77
    $ 49.77

    Understated but powerful, the Kahuna™ Collection features mirror-like chrome surfaces surrounded by rich black rubber that provides grip and traction where needed.

    • Chrome finish
    • Styled to complement other Kahuna™ Collection Accessories
    • Easy to install
  • $ 435.90
    $ 435.90

    Understated but powerful, the Kahuna™ Collection features mirror-like chrome surfaces surrounded by rich black rubber that provides grip and traction where needed.

    • Chrome finish
    • Red Bar & Shield logo adds the finishing touch
    • Styled to complement other Kahuna™ Collection Accessories
    • Includes left and right boards
  • $ 74.67
    $ 74.67

    Understated but powerful, the Kahuna™ Collection features mirror-like chrome surfaces surrounded by rich black rubber that provides grip and traction where needed.

    • Chrome finish
    • Styled to complement other Kahuna™ Collection Accessories
  • $ 136.95
    $ 136.95

    Understated but powerful, the Kahuna™ Collection features mirror-like chrome surfaces surrounded by rich black rubber. A red Bar & Shield logo adds the finishing touch.

    • Chrome finish
    • Smooth, gloss like surface is surrounded by deeply grooved rich, black rubber that provides grip and traction where needed
    • Styled to complement other Kahuna™ Collection Accessories
  • $ 809.58
    $ 809.58

    Add a long, lean look to the profile of your Touring bike. These Stretched Side Covers are sculpted to smooth the visual transition from the side of the bike to the front of the saddlebag, and trade the traditional stepped look for a rearward flowing design.

    • Wicked Red Denim finish
    • Shaped to flare out and down the saddlebag face
    • Complements the body lines and eliminate the saddlebag guard clearance notch at the lower corner for a seamless flow
    • Unlike some aftermarket designs, these side covers fit without significantly compromising the available passenger foot space
    • Covers are a snap-in replacement for the Original Equipment covers
    • Requires no bonding or modification for installation
    • Painted in a single color and does not feature pinstripes
  • $ 311.34
    $ 311.34

    Add function and style to the Original Equipment hand controls. Lighted Hand Controls feature soft white LED backlighting that illuminates the switch function icons for enhanced nighttime visibility.

    • Kit includes plug-in switch packs for left- and right-hand controls.
    • At-a-glance identification and a modern up-to-date look
  • $ 87.13
    $ 87.13

    Hide the AM/FM/WB antenna inside the fairing for a clean, uncluttered look. The perfect addition to Street Glide®, Road Glide® Custom and Electra Glide® Classic models equipped with H-D® Detachables™ Tour-Pak® luggage, this Hidden Antenna eliminates the need to move the whip antenna back and forth between Tour-Pak® Luggage and fender mounting locations.

    • Comparable to the performance of the Boom!™ Audio Shorty Antenna, this hidden amplified antenna is the perfect finish to your custom bagger
    • Kit includes all required mounting hardware and wiring
  • $ 68.44
    $ 68.44

    Fat 10mm plug wires add dimension and style to your ride. Screamin’ Eagle® boot design and suppression core wires ensure solid connection and maximum voltage transfer between coil and plugs.

    • Black
    • Screamin’ Eagle® script printed along the wire to add style
  • $ 311.34
    $ 311.34

    Complete the custom look with floating brake rotors, styled to complement Original Equipment or custom wheels. Floating rotors feature a steel inner carrier that is shaped to accent the wheel, with a drilled stainless steel outer disc that is precision-riveted in place.

    • Gloss Black Inner and stainless steel outer disc
    • Rotors are sold individually and include chrome installation hardware
  • $ 2,802.54
    $ 2,802.54

    The perfect one-two styling punch for your custom Road Glide model. Knockout 21” front and 18” rear wheels feature a split seven-spoke design that provides an open and airy look, with the spokes blending into the rim to add visual diameter. The Knockout wheel kit provides the big wheel look you crave, without compromising touring performance and reliability.

    • Contrast Chrome Finish
    • Split seven-spoke design
    • Includes 21” front wheel, 18” rear wheel and the internal front suspension components necessary to optimize fork travel and ride quality
    • Dealer installation required
    • See Dealer for details
  • $ 373.62
    $ 373.62

    Create a sleek, slammed look on your custom bagger with the Chopped Engine Guard. This guard offers a slim, low-profile design that retains function while delivering a unique styling twist.

    • Gloss black
    • Upper mounts connect midway up the downtube, 11" inches lower than the stock guard
    • Minimalistic look reduces the visual mass of the bike, while the mounting point lowers the bike’s visual center of gravity
    • 1.25” Engine Guard features a slightly forward sweep that provides plenty of room around the brake and shift levers
    • Easy to install
    • Includes replacement fairing mount brackets
  • $ 560.45
    $ 560.45

    When combined with the wiring harness and amplifier mount contained in the appropriate Stage II Speaker Installation Kit, this amplifier can power a single pair of Tour-Pak®, Saddlebag Lid, Fairing Lower or Trike Body Stage II Speakers.

    • Amplifier is required when adding a second, third or fourth set of Stage II Speakers to your Boom!™ Audio-equipped Touring bike
    • Dealer Digital Technician software update is required
    • Dealer installation is recommended
  • $ 3,363.06
    $ 3,363.06

    This Stage IV Kit was developed to deliver maximum horsepower from the Milwaukee-Eight® engine - all the way to the redline. The system-matched combination of larger displacement cylinders, free flowing CNC-Ported cylinder heads and a cam with the highest available valve lift are the starting point to building the perfect engine for the performance junkie. Designed for a high level of flexibility, this package is ideal for riders who like to comfortably cruise at lower rpm but still have plenty of arm-pulling acceleration when you whack the throttle. Kit includes CNC Ported Cylinder Heads with Performance Valve Springs, 64mm Throttle Body, High Flow Injectors (5.5g/s), 4.075" Bolt-On Cylinders, Forged 11:1 High Compression Aluminum Coated Pistons and Rings, SE8-515 Cam, Cam Bearing Upgrade, High Performance Tappets, Multi-layer Coated Head Gaskets, High Capacity Clutch Springs (1200N) and most necessary gaskets and seals. For ’17 and ’18 Touring models, installation of oil pump cover P/N 62400206 is recommended (sold separately). All models require ECM calibration with Screamin’ Eagle® Pro Street Tuner for proper installation. See Dealer for details. Pending approval for use in California on '19 models. Refer to the product information at for status.

    • Stage IV Kit 114 to 117CI - Air/Oil-Cooled
    • Black Highlighted
    • Increases power by up to 40% when compared to the Original Equipment engine configurations
    • Delivers increased response throughout the entire RPM range
    • Maintains flat torque curve from cruising RPM to redline
    • Can be installed without removing the engine from the chassis
    • Retains Original Equipment Factory Warranty and 50-State U.S. EPA compliant
    • Pending Regulatory approval for '19-later models
  • $ 186.78
    $ 186.78

    Dress the Touring oil cooler in style. This Oil Cooler Cover is designed to hug the contours of the cooler body and does not interfere with the engine guard or voltage regulator. The forward-facing mesh screen adds a custom touch, and protects the oil cooler fins from road debris without disturbing the airflow across the surface.

    • Gloss black finish
    • Easy to install
    • Includes required mounting hardware
  • $ 74.67
    $ 74.67

    Complete the finned look from the base of the cylinder all the way to the rocker box.

    • Black finish
    • Aluminum covers fill the spark plug pockets and complete the horizontal fin look across the top of the left-hand side of the engine
    • Firmly held in place by spring clips
    • Slips into position and does not require removal of the spark plugs for installation
    • Easy to install
    • Sold in pairs
  • $ 124.49
    $ 124.49

    This sleek one-piece headlamp surround adds a clean custom look to the nose of the Road Glide® model.

    • Gloss black finish
    • Easy to install
    • Hugs the dual headlamps, and covers the matte black factory bezel for a menacing aerodynamic appearance
    • Can be installed without removing the headlamp or fairing
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