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2020 Street Bob

With classic style like 80Grit™ footpegs, quarter fairing and moto bar, it's less of a Street Bob® model and more of a back-alley bruiser fresh from the West Coast.

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  • $ 320.23
    $ 320.23

    Add a custom touch to the blacked-out look of your motorcycle with this Full Engine Black Hardware Kit.

    • Gloss Black finish
    • Durable and easy to install
    • Includes the hardware required to replace the visible set of zinc-plated fasteners on the primary cover, derby cover, transmission side and top covers, tappet covers, cam covers and rocker box covers
    • Lock patch included where required
  • $ 217.72
    $ 217.72

    This 5.5” riser kit gives your bike a “club” style look along with the versatility of a traditional riser and handlebar combination.

    • Black Anodized finish
    • 5.5” risers
    • Fits 1.25” handlebars
    • Aggressive, muscular styling creates an eye-catching performance look
    • Requires separate purchase of fitment specific Top Clamp
  • $ 217.72
    $ 217.72

    This 1.25” tapered club-style handlebar tapers from a thicker center to thinner tips.

    • Black Anodized finish
    • 1.25” tapered diameter
    • Lightweight aluminum construction
    • Pair with tall risers to complete the unique custom look
    • Click Guides tab for additional components required for installation
  • $ 217.72
    $ 217.72

    Designed for motorcycles equipped with the standard digital gauge in the riser.

    • Black finish
    • Aluminum construction reduces weight
    • Required for installation of tall riser Kit part number 55800854 on 1.25” diameter handlebars
    • Aggressive, muscular styling completes an overall performance look
  • $ 128.05
    $ 128.05

    This matte black bracket kit is required for mounting the Softail® Quarter Fairing to your motorcycle.

    • Matte Black finish
    • Required for installation of Softail® Quarter Fairing
  • $ 102.43
    $ 102.43

    Emphasize the long and lean look of the fuel tank with the Flush-Mount Fuel Cap.

    • Gloss Black finish
    • Pop-up filler design replaces the Original Equipment twist-on fuel cap
    • With a simple push, the fuel filler cap pops up to provide ample grip, even while wearing gloves
    • Cap features soft-click ratcheting feature to prevent over-tightening
    • Easy to install, the cap assembly screws into position
    • Self-adhesive decorative ring finishes the look
    • Includes screw-in mount, pop-up fuel cap, and matching trim ring
  • $ 178.26
    $ 178.26

    This engine cover is the perfect start in converting your powertrain to an elegant “tuxedo black” look.

    • Gloss black
    • Manufactured from Original Equipment components to ensure a perfect fit
    • Coated with temperature-resistant paint to ensure a long-lasting finish
    • Critical surfaces are masked to provide good gasket seal
    • Complete the look with a matching Primary Cover, Cam Cover, and Trasmission Side and Top Covers (sold seperately)
  • $ 256.16
    $ 256.16

    The open-face filter design of the Screamin' Eagle® Ventilator Extreme Air Cleaner Kit flows 39% more air than a traditional perimeter high-flow filter.

    • Gloss Black finish
    • When combined with an additional 1/2" of air filter thickness and the smooth radius die-cast back plate, this open filter can feed a large displacement engine with an unobstructed flow of clean air that can support output of over 150hp
    • Kit includes a die-cast back plate and open-face, water-resistant washable oiled-cotton filter element, and all required installation gaskets and hardware
    • Optional Rain Sock P/N 29400412 is available to protect the exposed element in extreme weather
    • Gloss Black Cover Kit (P/N 61300994) required to complete installation (sold separately)
    • All models require ECM calibration with Screamin’ Eagle Pro Street Tuner for proper installation
    • 50-State U.S. EPA compliant
  • $ 576.46
    $ 576.46

    The Bevel Two-Up Seats were created with all the attitude to suit your styling direction while providing all the function without the bulky look of a comfort seat.

    • Low, slim profile of the Bevel Seat complements the lines of your bike
    • Carbon fiber-like inserts, chevron-shaped pleating, HDMC embroidered script and edgy aluminum "no-feel" button detail add a custom look
    • Lightweight, breathable 3-D mesh absorbs the impact of even the worst roads and the material is significantly thinner than comparable seats
    • Taped seams provide water-resistance to keep you and your passengers back-ends dry even when the seat is wet
    • The "bevel" at the back of the seat adds to the riders lower back comfort
    • Seat width 12.5"
    • Passenger pillion width 7"
  • $ 217.72
    $ 217.72

    The Ventilator Extreme Air Cleaner Cover trims the face of the Screamin' Eagle® Extreme Ventilator filter in style and features aggressive mounting lugs, polished stainless steel custom ARP fasteners and an inset Screamin' Eagle® medallion.

    • Gloss Black finish
    • Made from cast aluminum
    • Wraps the leading edge of the filter element, covering the rubber gasket without restricting air flow
    • Required to complete installation of the Ventilator Extreme Air Cleaner Kit P/N 29400396 & 29400397
    • Includes necessary ARP hardware
  • $ 38.37
    $ 38.37

    Showcase your bike’s performance enhancements with the Screamin’ Eagle Timer Cover Base.

    • Start with this black Timer Cover and then select a Screamin’ Eagle Stage Upgrade Insert that matches your engine size and Stage upgrades
    • Inserts sold separately
  • $ 19.15
    $ 19.15

    Showcase your bike’s performance enhancements with the Screamin’ Eagle® Stage Insert.

    • 114 Stage IV
    • Made to complement the Screamin’ Eagle® Timer Cover Base (sold separately)
  • $ 70.40
    $ 70.40

    The perfect complement to your motorcycle, this derby cover was designed to fit the Narrow-Profile Primary Covers for Milwaukee-Eight® Softail® models.

    • Gloss black finish
  • $ 166.48
    $ 166.48

    Express your bold, renegade attitude. The Dominion™ Collection lets you set your own styling direction.

    • Gloss black finish
    • Crafted from aluminum and rubber
    • Features a rugged surface that allows you to create your own unique look
  • $ 320.23
    $ 320.23

    These premium pushrods are tapered for enhanced clearance at the cylinder head, allowing the use of higher lift cams. The one-piece chrome moly pushrod adds rigidity and durability, and the threaded adjustment feature provides easy cam installation without removing the cylinder heads or rocker boxes.

    • To simplify adjustment, the pushrod features six flats, with one flat marked with a large dot for tracking the adjustment
    • Threaded rod features 4 flats to reduce wrench swing
    • Kit includes 4 pushrods, required gloss black pushrod tube covers and o-rings
  • $ 128.05
    $ 128.05

    Complete the sinister look. These covers replace existing chrome covers to give your bike a blacked-out appearance down to the smallest detail.

    • Gloss black finish
    • Can be installed on engines already equipped with Adjustable Pushrods or can be installed by removing rocker box covers, rocker arms, and non-adjustable pushrods
    • Includes the four bottom cover tubes, four upper clips and four center collars
    • Consult your dealer or service manual for installation
  • $ 102.43
    $ 102.43

    Complete your Milwaukee-Eight engine's conversion to a total blacked-out look.

    • Gloss Black finish
    • Replaces the stock bright-finished components for a sinister appearance
    • Manufactured from Original Equipment components for perfect fit and function
    • Kit comes complete with a front and rear cylinder lifter covers and two base gaskets
  • $ 44.77
    $ 44.77

    Finish the blacked-out look by replacing the Original Equipment chrome headlamp trim ring with sinister black.

    • Gloss black finish
    • Rich black surface matches the stock headlamp shell finish for a unified look
    • Easy to install
  • $ 70.40
    $ 70.40

    Fat 10mm plug wires add dimension and style to your ride. Screamin’ Eagle® boot design and suppression core wires ensure solid connection and maximum voltage transfer between coil and plugs.

    • Orange
    • Screamin’ Eagle® script printed along the wire to add style
  • $ 179.29
    $ 179.29

    Grab some black with these levers – a natural fit for black accessory handlebars or to further the blacked-out look of your motorcycle

    • Black finish
    • Clutch anti-rattle clip and new pivot bushings are included
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