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The riding season just got longer, thanks to Harley-Davidson heated motorcycle gear. When the mercury drops, H-D heated motorcycle riding gear and accessories will keep you warm. H-D heated gear runs off batteries or straight from your bike.

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  • $ 64.06
    $ 64.06

    Sometimes all you need is warm, comfortable hands for a long ride in colder temps. The BTC 12V Switch is required when wearing the Heated BTC 12V Waterproof Leather Gauntlet Gloves alone (without connecting to a BTC jacket liner or outerpant). Use the included strap to wear around your left thigh for easy accessibility. Read on for all the specs...

    • Built in temperature controller with on/off functionality and 3 LED coded heat level settings.
    • For use with Heated BTC 12V Waterproof Leather Gauntlet Gloves (98298-17VM or 98322-17VW) when worn alone without a jacket liner or outerpant.
    • Designed to be worn on the rider's left thigh for easy accessibility using the included leg strap. Includes battery connecting harness.
  • $ 128.11
    $ 128.11

    The brains behind it all, our innovative Replacement One-Touch Wireless Wrist Controller puts comfort at your fingertips. With a simple touch, you can independently program five heat settings on the four compatible liners (jacket, glove, pant, sock) for head-to-toe warmth. No knobs, dials, or fussy wires to manage, this lightweight and compact wrist controller is about the size of a watch. And because it's in your sight line, just a glance at your wrist allows you to fine-tune your climate as you journey into unpredictable weather.

    • This replacement piece is used with the Heated One-Touch Programmable 12V Jacket Liner and/or Pant to independently program heat settings on the four compatible liners (jacket, glove, pant, and sock liners)
    • Worn on wrist in rider's line of sight for easy temperature adjustment
    • One-touch control adjusts 5 different heat levels
    • Charges with USB charging cord (included)
    • Water and shock resistant
  • $ 19.21
    $ 19.21

    Our One-Touch Battery Harness works with all our plug-in heated gear to generate heat and keep you comfortable.

    • Works with all Harley-Davidson® plug-in heated gear
    • Attaches from the vehicle12V electrical system to the heated garment or Y-Plug Splitter
    • One battery harness is needed for each rider
    • Fuse included
  • $ 25.63
    $ 25.63

    Accessories and replacement parts for H-D® heated gear.

    • Connects to socks and/or gloves so they can be worn by themselves
    • Plug between the power switch and garment
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